Story Boards Part One

The past year I have had the honor of working with an awesome group of folks at Eglin Air Force Base.  We do all sorts of cool and exciting projects.  While I work with a part of the Cultural Resources Group, we are under the broad umbrella of the Civil Engineering group. We were tasked back in January to create storyboards for three major events that happened and that our group was instrumental and involved in that benefitted the community.  These were:

  1. Moving the Cape San Blas Lighthouse from Cape San Blas to the new location in Port St. Joe.
  2.  Creation of off-shore reefs using concrete targets from the firing ranges on base.
  3. Clean-up and renovating a marina that is on base.

Take a look at these and tell me what you think.

Also, here is a few links about the Cape San Blas lighthouse move:

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