After the Success Of Pokémon Go, How Will Augmented Reality Impact Archaeological Sites?

I understand that there is a ton of contreversy and mis-understanding about the Poke’mon Go game but from a technological and archaelogical stand point, it is a very cool game.  I enjoy the game because I am a GIS analyst, it is getting kids out and moving as well as people are discovering historical and archaelogical sites in there hometowns that they never new about.  That being said, the future use or AR in archaelogy and other fields really gets me excited about what we can see in the future of development.  Here is a good opinion article in Forbes online about the game and the possibilites of AR in archaelogy.


The wild success of Pokémon Go has illustrated the potential of augmented reality (AR) to the masses. It has also inspired a number of archaeologists to begin to ponder how iOS and Android AR apps could be used to involve students and the general public in the history and heritage of various archaeological sites. In the wake of Pokémon Go mania, gamifying archaeology presents more possibilities for engaging the public and preserving cultural heritage than ever before. 


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