Lab 2 (frustration then eureka!)

Lab 2 was learning all about Adobe Illustrator that is something I am not that familiar with. I have been working in GIS for about 10 years working heavy in ArcGis but not too much Adobe.   Knowing that Cartography will be very cool by learning a new program and getting my hands on Illustrator, I was very eager and excited.   I knew I had to tackle this very important task.  That is when the frustration started.  The very feeling of an impending time deadline.  The pressure grew and grew, once I finished the 1st part of the lab I tackled the creation part.   That is when I figured that I needed to rest and start over the next day.  I emailed my professor to give her heads up so as to hopefully give myself some cushion.  The next morning I headed to the desktop to tackle the impending task.  But due to time constraints, I had to wait until tonight to finish the big portion of the creation part.  After much work of trial and error, I feel that I have a better grasp on the program.  More hands on will allow me to know the ins and outs of the program and thus make me more proficient and a better cartographer.

I have attached the sample work that I have completed for this Lab.  Part one we were asked to create a circle 2×2 and then create a 8 point star and color the star using CMYK color mode: 58C,61M,0Y,0K.    That was completed and then we placed the star in the circle.  The second portion was to mimic and recreate the symbols on the top portion but then slightly modify the color and name them.  I do believe that I will enjoy working with Adobe Illustrator.

Thanks to Mrs. Adrienne at MSU for allowing me some cushion on the Lab.  Next lab will be even more exciting.  We will be creating typeface, typeface and fonts have always fascinated me.  I know one thing, labeling on a map in ArcGis is one of the toughest challenges but hopefully one that will be easier after this course.


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