If you have ever wondered about the difference between WMS, WFS and WCS, read a great article by GEOITHUB.


In the GIS Domain ,everyone might have heard about WMS,WFS and WCS at some point of time. But what exactly these words are and when to use them are the questions generally arises. Thanks to Open  Geospatial Consortium for bringing life to GIS maps with this technology. One can  create the maps from their data using desktop based GIS Tools like ESRI ArcMap  and Open Source QGIS .To bring these maps on to web and create GIS based applications, we need to publish them using Web Services .Similar to typical web applications, to share or consume the GIS data we use web services like SOAP and REST.

IO2oRRead the whole article here: What are the differences between WMS , WFS and WCS and their usages?



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