Hello, this is a blog to showcase cartographic creations also known as maps for a new GIS class that I am taking through Michigan State University.  GIS stands for Geographic Information Sciences and is basically utilizing data to create visual graphics in the form of maps.  I have been working with GIS for about 10 years and I started while I was working in the oil and gas industry.  The one thing I noticed right away was that maps are important, not only in the oil and gas industry but they are important in everyday activities.  For instance, who hasn’t had to give directions and in the process used a napkin to draw out the route for someone to find whatever location they are needing to find.  Well, that is just one of the many ways the GIS and geospatial data help and can be used.

I have been wanted to go through the testing process and finish a class to obtain a GIS professional accreditation.  Gives me more credibility and looks highly favorable in today’s GIS job market.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts, I do believe that we are entering a whole new world in terms of our ability to process data and use it more efficiently to make quality choices to improve our world.




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